Step out of 'parenting auto-pilot' and respond to ANY behavior w/calm and confidence.

Live workshop with Angela Pruess LMFT Thursday April 20th 11am CST (replay available)

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  • How to stay calm in the most challenging moments with your child so you can
  • effectively address challenging/unsafe/disrespectful behaviors and
  • help your child be accountable for their actions and move forward positively

You're an intentional parent of an intense child who wholeheartedly sets out to control your temper each morning...but your child's intense emotions and behaviors inevitably cause you to lose it by bedtime. Next day, same story. *You're stuck in the groundhogs days of doom, but I'm going to help you escape.

You'll walk away from this training with the step by step actions you need to STOP the toxic cycle of negativity and disconnection with your child.

How parents of strong-willed kids can respond to ANY behavior without losing their temper

For the first time ever, get my proven blueprint for taking charge of your parenting triggers and staying grounded, that has helped thousands of parents, so you can respond to your child's behaviors with calm confident authority.

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